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Lacoste replaced its iconic crocodile logo with 10 different endangered species. A creative way to raise awareness

We love when important brands kick off daring initiatives, in other words, when they put their interests aside and come up with great ideas for a very noble cause.

Not long ago, the popular French brand, Lacoste, has partnered with Save Our Species (SOS) a non-profit organization that works hard to protect nature, and specially focuses on threatened species.


In order to support SOS and their hard work, the popular brand decided to replaced its iconic crocodile logo for endangered species, and this was formally presented during the 2018 Fashion Week.

Among the animals are the California Condor, Saola, Sumatran Tiger, Anegada Ground Iguana, Vaquita Dolphin, Burmese Roofed Turtle, Northern Sportive Lemur, Javan Rhino, Cao Vit Gibbon, and Kakapo Parrot.


The crocodile is leaving its iconic spot to 10 threatened species through a partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The number of polos produced for each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild. By buying one of the 1775 polos, you participate in helping IUCN and Lacoste in the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide. Available only in some European countries and in the US”

Told @lacoste en Instagram

In other words, there are only 350 units with the tiger logo (and there are only 350 units with the Sumatran Tiger left) 175 polo shirts with the Kakapo Parrot, as this is the remaining population in the wild, and so on.

Each polo shirt was sold for 185 dollars. But even though this limited edition is already sold out, you can still help by making a donation on Save Our SpeciesWe definitely need more of this! Hope other important brands take the initiative.


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